Incognito/Private Browsing on your Android

There may be times when you want to browse sites on your Android device in private/incognito mode. It turns out to be helpful when you have multiple accounts (say GMail) and you wouldn’t want to log out from the existing account, or you do not want to leave traces of your browsing.

While the stock browser in the Cyanogen mods of Android 2.2 does have Incognito browsing, devices that run on the official Android firmwares are left out with no other options than to look for third-party browsers. Here’s where InBrowser finds its use.

InBrowser, to start with, is a very tiny browser of size you wouldn’t have imagined. It weighs as low as 17KB. It’s pretty basic though – you have the basic navigation controls, a go to button and preference tweaking. It has a browser-cloaking feature, so you can also cloak it to the default Browser, Google Chrome, Firefox or the good old IE. There’s nothing more to talk about this app.

InBrowser InBrowser InBrowser

To download InBrowser, search for ‘InBrowser’ on the Android Market — Market Link. Or visit the AppBrain page

Android 2.2+ Cyanogen Mod users

For all the Android 2.2+ CM users, the stock browser is modded to support Incognito Browsing by default. Simply pull the menu up and tap ‘Incognito Browsing’ and you’re good to go.

Cyanogen Mod