Android Mobile Device Updates [Infographic]

While iPhone is manufactured, developed and fully supported by Apple Inc., the situation is not the same with Android. With Android Operating System being available under free and open-source license, it is not a big task for manufacturers to incorporate Android on their smartphones. And lately, Android Smartphones have grown by leaps and bounds with a series of phones from Samsung, Motorola, LG and quite many little-known to unbranded ones – good news though, but considering the updates that a smartphone would typically require – there’s not much manufacturers that are interested in testing/developing the current Android version for their phones.

The infographic by Michael shows how Android mobile devices are being supported after their first, second and third year of release.

Android Mobile Update Timeline

The Nexus One has always been on the latest release, but sources say that the phone will not get the new Android 4.0 Ice-cream update. Of the 2009 listed phones, Samsung Behold II is behind by 3+ Android updates – pathetic. That’s the case with most Samsung phones.

Among the 2010 phones, Devour, BackFlip and Cliq XT are the sufferers. The BackFlip and Cliq XT were shipped with an outdated version and there has been no updates. HTC has had reasonable updates.

Thanks to Michael from for the infographic.