Backup/Sync your Office Documents with Google Docs

Google Docs Have you ever felt the need to have your local Word/Spreadsheet/Presentation files (in your computer) synchronized to your Google Docs account? Or the vice versa? If you prefer to have a backup on your computer or you’d prefer to edit your local copy instead of visiting the Google Docs page, you might find this article useful.

Syncplicity is what you might need. Syncplicity is a file storage and synchronization service where you store your files and have it synchronized among different computers and devices (2 devices in case of free account), including your Google Docs files. Storage space is 2GB though, but is good enough to hold a massive collection of office files.

To get started with syncing, create an account and install the Syncplicity app on your computer. Open the app you just installed to set up a watch folder. A watch folder is the place where you have your Office files (or) where you want your Google Docs Documents to be synchronized to.

Login to your account on Syncplicity Web, you’ll be taken to the File Manager. Click the ‘Google Docs’ tab to associate your Google Docs account with Syncplicity. You don’t have to provide your username/password since it uses OAuth. Once you have granted permission, select the folder in your Syncplicity account you just setup to synchronize your Google Docs. You will also have to select conversion options.


Give it some time and you’ll find all your Google Docs synchronized to your Syncplicity Account, which is then synchronized to your local folder. Your synchronization progress is displayed on the app’s home screen.

Syncplicity Status

With your files synchronized locally, you can edit them anytime and they are synchronized as and when the file is modified. Also, when you create a new file locally, you can find them created at Google Docs almost immediately.

Call it a backup or an offline version of Google Docs, this app does its job perfectly!