Compose mails in Indian Languages

GMail (Google Mail) Indian users can now start composing emails in Indian Languages (Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Kannada and Malayalam). GMail has added this feature to all Indian GMail accounts. If your account is Indian-language enabled, you will be able to find a text stating that you can type in Indian Languages, on the top right corner. If not, you will have to manually enable from the Settings -> Languages tab.

Once enabled, you can start typing in Indian Languages. To do so, click Compose, you will be able to find a small icon (A Hindi), clicking on it will list the available languages. Choose your preferred language and start typing in English. For example, namaste will automatically change to the corresponging hindi script, the moment you press space. Here are few examples for “Namaste” (Hindi), “Vanakkam”  (Tamil) and “Namaskara” (Kannada).

Compose Page

So what are you waiting for? Start composing mails in your mother-tongue!