Create PDFs easily with doPDF

Creating PDFs are now as easy as saving a file or taking a print out! Yes, doPDF makes it possible! doPDF is a tiny 1.5 MB application that allows you to create PDFs virtually from any application, from a simple notepad document to a professional Photoshop Image! You’ll just have to make sure the application you are using has Print feature in it. If so, you are all set to create PDFs!

Download doPDF (mirror : and install it. Follow the simple procedures on screen.

doPDF installs itself as a virtual Printer driver. You will be able find it in Printers & Faxes (Printers in Vista) in your Windows Control Panel. So, to create a PDF, all you have to do is to just choose doPDF as your printer and click Print!

doPDF Printer Driver
(I’ve smudged out the other Printer to avoid confusion)

To create a PDF

  1. Open the document which you wish to convert to PDF (MS Word Document, Photoshop Image, SpreadSheet, etc.)
  2. From the File Menu, click Print (or) Press CTRL+P based on the software
  3. In the Printer Name drop-down list, choose doPDF
  4. Click Print
  5. You’ll be asked to enter the path to export the PDF. Enter a path or use the ‘Browse’ feature
  6. Click OK

Your PDF will now be created and will be opened for you.

Why should you use doPDF?

  • Free & small (1.6MB)
  • Barely uses system resources
  • Does not convert your text to image, so that it will be searchable
  • Multi-Language user interface

So, start converting to PDFs and save papers. ;) Also don’t forget to visit the official site.