Few Hours to go to download Windows 7

Windows 7 Desktop

As per Microsoft, today, the 20th of August 2009 is the last day to fetch your copy of Windows 7 RC. If you have changed your mind to try Windows 7 RC or if you wish to download, now is the time. You can fetch your copy of Windows 7 from the Official Windows 7 page of Microsoft at microsoft.com/windows/windows-7/get/download.aspx. Be informed that only the download will not be available after the 20th of August, you can install it and get the product key from Microsoft anytime. So, by chance you miss to download today, you can get it by hunting the torrent database, and get the product key later. You’ll need to have a .Net Passport or Windows Live account to get a product key. If not, you can create one for free.

Coming back to Windows 7 RC, as stated on the Official Windows 7 page, it will expire on the 1st of June, 2010. Starting March 1, 2010, your PC will start shutting down every 2 hours, and you will be informed two weeks beforehand regarding the bi-hourly shutdown. To avoid this, you’ll have to fetch a copy of the stable version of Windows 7.

Microsoft always suggests to have a backup before proceeding with testing out Windows 7. Vista users can just use the ‘Backup & Restore Center’ available in the Control Panel. XP Professional users can ‘Backup’ in the Accessories Start Menu folder. Home Edition users have a complicated backup methodology. You can find it in detail at microsoft.com/protect/yourself/data/backup.mspx.

Important Dates

20th August 2009 Last day to download Windows 7 RC
1st March 2010 Bi-hourly shutdown
1st June 2010 Windows 7 RC expires