Find out Broken Links in your WordPress Blog

Broken LinkFor Blogs with a high quantity of articles, finding out broken links in posts require more man power. Obviously, no one has patience to do it too. A plugin by Janis Elsts named Broken Link Checker helps you automatically find broken links. The plugin also

  • checks for broken links and 301/302 redirects
  • checks your posts and pages for broken links (both internal and outbound links)
  • checks for broken images
  • strikes out broken links (editable via CSS)
  • notifies you in the dashboard

The plugin can be downloaded from WordPress Repository here or could be installed directly from your Dashboard (WordPress Administrator Backend) by clicking ‘Add New’ under ‘Plugins’ in the left pane and entering ‘Broken Link Checker’ as the term.

Activate the plugin and it should automatically check for broken links. Broken links, if any, will be displayed on your Dashboard (backend).

Broken Link Checker Dashboard Preview

Clicking the ‘broken link’ link, you’ll be taken to Broken Links page (Tools->Broken Links) where you can manage broken links.

Broken Link Checker List

You’ll be provided with the following when you hover your mouse over the link/post

  • Post
    Edit : edit the blog post
    Delete : delete the blog post
    View : View the post in the frontend
  • URL
    Details: a simple log of the broken link (404, 403, 501 or permanent failure)
    Unlink : removes the link from the post
    Exclude : permanently ignores by adding the URL to the exclusion list
    Edit URL : edit the URL directly
  • Discard
    – Temporarily ignores the broken list (will appear again on the next search)

‘Redirects’ display those links that pass through a 301/302 redirect. ‘All Links’ display all the links you have in your posts.

The plugin’s settings can be found at Settings->Link Checker where you can

  • Manually re-check for broken links
  • Change check frequency
  • Modify broken links’ CSS (strike out, etc)
  • Add URLs to the exclusion list
  • Add URLs to the Custom Field
  • Set maximum execution for this background process