Downloading eBooks for eReaders & Smartphones

e-Readers have brought a completely new era in reading. With the advent of e-ink based e-Readers, it doesn’t make much difference between reading on a paper and reading on an e-ink display. Not just e-Readers, your Smartphone supports reading eBooks too. The Kindle App Android & iPhone, the Nook App for Android & iPhone and Aldiko for Android can help you read eBooks on your smartphones. Even if you don’t have an e-Reader, you can have the Kindle for PC or Nook for PC application installed on your computer and read books on them.

Here are some resources to find free eBooks. If you’re downloading from sources other than the official store (Kindle Store or Nook Store, for instance), you will have to transfer it to your device via a USB Cable. Most websites offer eBooks in standard formats like PDF or EPUB, which work with your Kindle, nook, Android or iPhone.

Project Gutenberg: Project Gutenberg has over 36,000 free eBooks available in various formats like the standard EPUB or PDF, HTML, Kindle’s format and plain text. EPUB  books can be side-loaded to nook. If you’re interested in reading the book on your computer directly, the HTML version might be a good choice.

Google Books has millions of titles to choose from, most for free. Books can also be purchased right inside Google Books. Google Books supports reading right from your PC, on Android smartphone or tablet, iPhone or iPad. Books can also be downloaded as an EPUB or PDF file and side-loaded to your Kindle or Nook.

Feedbooks has both free and books for purchase. It has over thousands of Free Public Domain books like “Romeo and Juliet”, “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.” has a huge collection of historical books in digital format serving for researchers, scholars and the general public. Books are available in Text format, PDF and EPUB formats which would work on any e-Reader or smartphone.

Barnes & Noble Free Nook Books: BN has over 1.8 Million free titles to download straight to your nook device or nook PC/App. Fidning free Nook Books is easy, simply type “0.00” in the search box on Barnes & Noble page and you’re half way to download free books.

ManyBooks has nearly 30,000 books. Most books are taken from Project Gutenberg 2003 DVD. Has public domain and creative-commons works.

OpenLibrary is an open project, more of a wiki and has over 1 million free eBook titles.

Fictionwise has a huge collection of titles put into different categories. Has both free and paid books, supporting multiple formats. has over 1000s of free classic eBooks specifically available in Kindle’s format, while they do support other formats as well.

InkMesh is a simple yet an awesome search engine for eBook that indexes many eBook providers like Gutenberg, ManyBooks, Nook Books, Kindle Store and Sony eBook Store. Your stop place for book search.

LibriVox has over 1000s of free public domain audiobooks available for download.

Official Download Sources

Hopefully, these sources must help you with downloading free eBooks for your e-Reader or Smartphone. Happy reading. :)