Google eBooks now on your Handheld Devices

Google’s Book Store, a collection of about 3 million books, is now available for your Handheld devices as well. Google eBooks allows you to read any book from its massive collection on the web – read free books / purchase books available in the cloud.


Basically, the books were available to be read online from your web browser. Google has now made a step further by making the books available to be read right from your mobile/tablet/ebook reader, and also making the books available offline, so you can read them even when you’re flying on Airplane mode.

Supported devices include

  • Android
  • iPhone / iPod Touch
  • iPad
  • Adobe eBook platform – Sony Reader / Barnes & Noble Nook.

The app allows you to store up to 16,000 eBooks right on your device, with the ability to purchase books, read free books & free samples. You can also tweak readability settings like text size, line spacing, justification and day/night mode. As you start reading, the books are automatically stored on to your device for offline reading.

As of now, support for buying Google Books is made available only for US residents. However, others do have access to read millions of free titles.

The app can be downloaded from the devices page, or find out the supported devices.