Google Wave will go live from September 30

Google Wave Page

Two months after its launch at Google IO Conference, Google announced that its new ‘Wave’ will open up for the public from the 30th of September 2009. So far, Google Wave was restricted to 6000 of its Developers and they are working to offer the service to an additional 20000 developers. If you are a developer interested in building with Google Wave API’s, here‘s where you should go. For the rest of us, Google will offer its Wave preview for 100,000 users and there’s no info on the selection process. Futhermore, Google Wave will also be available to those who chose to send Error Reports and Bugs to Google on its sign-up page.

“We’ve already rolled out roughly 6,000 developer accounts and we’re working through an additional 20,000 requests over the course of the next month”

says Dan Peterson, Product Manager at Google Wave, on his Google Wave Development Blog.

“In other news: this morning we announced that we plan to start extending the Google Wave preview beyond developers on September 30th. This will take place on rather than the separate “sandbox” instance we are currently using, and we plan to involve about 100,000 users. In addition to the developers already using Wave, we will invite groups of users from the hundreds of thousands who offered to help report bugs when they signed up on”

Peterson added.

The team is now focussing on improving the speed, stability and usability of Google Wave and to expand its APIs. He also added,

“Leading up to that rollout, we’re focusing on improving the speed, stability and usability of Google Wave. This includes of course addressing many of the issues highlighted by the developers in the sandbox thus far (thanks for your feedback!). We’re also continuing to expand the Google Wave APIs, and we’d love your feedback on the forum. As we have mentioned in the past, our goal is that extensions built by third parties feel fully on-par with Google Wave’s native features to users. We know we have some way to go and really appreciate your help in getting there.”

You can keep checking out for updates and to sign-up for the beta test.