World’s First 256GB Flash Drive from Kingston

Kingston, the world leader in Flash Drives, launches the first of its kind High Capacity Flash Drive of an whopping 256GB storage just in the size of a 2GB Flash Drive. The DataTraveller 300 has got better looks than its predecessors which used to have easy-to-lose Caps. :)

Kingston DataTraveller 256GB

DataTraveller 300 comes packed with Password Traveller software which allows you to create a password-protected “Privacy Zone“. You don’t have to be a user with admin privileges to access this Zone. It also comes with ReadyBoost Feature for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users. The saddest part (you’ve got another one near the end of this post) is that the password-protected Privacy Zone will NOT work properly if ReadyBoost Cache is enabled. This is what Kingston says regarding Privacy Zone + ReadyBoost

Although DT 300 is enhanced for ReadyBoost, Password Traveler will not operate properly if ReadyBoost cache is enabled on the drive. However, you may enable ReadyBoost cache on a separate drive.

The Data Transfer rates are up to 20MB/sec for Read and 10MB/sec for Write. The second saddest part is that it is priced at a ridiculous £565.67 (Pounds) excluding VAT.

Quick Specs

Capacity – 256GB
Read – 20MB/sec
Write – 10MB/sec
Privacy – Password Protected ‘Privacy Zone’
ReadyBoost – Enabled

Pros – High Capacity, Slick Design, Cap-less
Cons – Price, ‘Privacy Zone’ will not work properly if ReadyBoost Cache is enabled

With 256GB, Kingston DataTraveller has got plenty of rooms for your photos, music and videos, etc.