Lengthen Shortened URLs with LongURLPlease

Shortened URLs are not uncommon these days. With services like Twitter where you have text limitations, you have no other choice than shortening the URLs just to save some space. But, not everyone is ready to click on shortened URLs, thinking that it would lead to objectionable or phishing sites as they won’t know the resulting URL unless they click on it. For all those users, here comes LongURLPlease.

LongURLPlease, the title explains it! LongURLPlease helps lengthening short URLs on a site. The image below should explain it (click for a larger view)


To get started with LongURLPlease, add the Firefox extension available here or if you don’t use Firefox, you can use their bookmarklet available on their site.

The preview above is a screenshot of my timeline on dabr, a twitter client where you see the shortened URL as well as the lengthened URL. Switching to longer URL was seamless with the bookmarklet.

LongURLPlease is limited to only 80 services as of writing this article, yet it includes most of the common URL shorteners including bit.ly, digg, is.gd, su.pr, tinyurl, goo.gl, ow.ly, retwt.me, fb.me and more. Please check the official site for a complete list.

You can catch @LongURLPlease on Twitter.