New Google Search UI

Google has been continuously revamping its Search Engine and is now up with a new, totally different UI. Be informed that the new UI is not available for the public until the end of holidays this year, in other words, it will feature starting next year, but here’s a JavaScript hack that’ll reveal the new UI.

New Google Interface

Google Search UI - Homepage


To try the new UI, visit Google homepage at NCR is for ‘no country based redirect’ as this trick doesn’t work if you are on a country-coded TLD of Google. Even if you are redirected to your country-based URL, click ‘Go to’.

When you are at, type in the following JavaScript code into your address bar (copy/paste)


and press ENTER.

Now reload the page (F5) and you’ll see the new UI of Google. If, by chance, you are redirected to your country-based site (or you are still shown the older version), check for ‘Go to’ link and click on it.

New Google Search UI - Search Results

Google Search UI - Search Results

Kudos to the new sidebar. The blue could have been toned down a bit so it doesn’t look that gaudy, and this is not the simple Google we’ve been used to before as the former was more data-friendly, that it could be easily accessed from a dial-up.

And finally, you’ll be presented with the new Google UI every time you search. If you are not a fan of the new interface, you can simply remove it from cookies. ;)