Add ‘Open with Notepad’ to Context Menu

When I come across files with unknown extension, I prefer to open it with Notepad. The same when it comes to files like PHP, HTML, CSS and the likes. Adding a context menu option, to open with notepad, helps you quickly open up files without having to go through the long ‘Open with’ way, obviously saving your time. Though this is a common registry trick, for sure you should have read about this in many sites, if you haven’t heard, read below. You should also be knowing to deal with Registry Editor, if not, you can download the registry key directly at the end of this post.

The end result will be something similar to the image below

Open with Notepad - Registry Hack

Manual Registry Hack

Now, lets open the Registry Editor (Start >> Run >> Regedit). Point to


Right-click on shell and a new key (New >> Key). Name it “Open with Notepad” or whatever you like. The name that you give here is what that shows up in the context menu. Now, right-click the key you created now and create a new key naming it ‘command’. The command key should now have a string named ‘(Default)’ with no value. Double-click ‘(Default)’ and give it a value – notepad %1. So, HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\Open with Notepad\command should have a string with a value ‘notepad %1’ (without quotes).

Open with notepad - Registry value

The change is immediate. Right-click a file and you should notice an option you created now, in it’s context menu.


To remove, simply delete the ‘Open with Notepadkey. The change is immediate, again.

Download Registry Key

Download the archive, unpack and run the file “open-with-notepad.reg”. To remove, run the other file named “remove-open-with-notepad.reg”.

Open With Notepad Registry Hack (594)

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