Shorten URLs, the longer way!

After TinyURL, and, Microsoft is up with it’s very own URL Shortening service, naming it ‘’ (inspired from It isn’t available for the public now, but is used internally and is common among Microsoft employees, and will …

7 Free Christmas Templates [Joomla]

Christmas, in few hours from now. If you are looking to dress up your site with Christmas/Holiday-season templates, here are free Christmas templates for your Joomla-based site(s), by SiteGround & DesignForJoomla. SiteGround regularly offers free themes for Joomla, WordPress, Mambo …

Maintenance Splash Page [WordPress]

Though WordPress is the best for Blogging, it lacks few features by default. For instance, Joomla helps you show a Maintenance page with just few clicks, but WordPress doesn’t. Similarly, you can’t set ‘unpublished’ status to categories in WordPress if …

Google Dictionary with Multiple Languages

After Google Wave, Chrome OS and Public DNS service, Google is now up with its own Dictionary. Available at, this dictionary service can be a perfect and a worthy alternative to the old guys –, and Answers.

RockBox Installation

Before proceeding with RockBox installation, make sure you have all the following. Hardware: Sansa USB Cord Software: WinZip – Download Sansa Downloads: Firmware – Download Fonts – Direct Download Bootloader – Direct Download