Sansa & Rockbox : Things to Know

This post covers the terms you should know before proceeding with RockBox installation.

Firmware : A firmware is an Operating System, or in simple terms, it is a software that could make Sansa work. A Firmware has everything fed into it, be it a codec or a response when a key is pressed, the firmware is responsible for successful functioning.

RockBox Firmware : Similar to Sansa’s Firmware, RockBox Firmware is used for your player to run RockBox.

Bootloader : A Bootloader is just a simple program (a loader) that forces Sansa to boot (enter) into its firmware.

Sansa Bootloader : Sansa Bootloader is the loader that makes your Sansa to boot into your Sansa’s Original Firmware. Sansa’s Bootloader is stored in a special Flash Memory which is factory-installed. We will be dealing with this later in unbricking.

RockBox Bootloader : Similar to Sansa Bootloader, RockBox Bootloader is used to boot into RockBox firmware. After you have installed RockBox firmware, your Sansa will automaticaly boot into RockBox. To boot into Sansa Original Firmware, turn on your Sansa and press & hold Left button.

Fonts on RockBox : RockBox supports fonts. You get a huge collection of fonts with various font sizes. Some fonts come installed with the Theme Package.

Themes on RockBox : Themes play a vital role in RockBox. They completely change your Sansa into a jukebox or even into a virtual Winamp. You can even get additional themes from RockBox’s website.

If you have read this, you can successfully proceed with RockBox installation. Happy Flashing! Laughing