Create Shortcut to ‘All Users’ view in Task Manager [Windows 7]

When you open the Task Manager in Windows 7, you’ll only be presented with processes that run under your user account, even if you are an administrator. The process list includes few System processes. And you’ll have to click the ‘Show processes from all users’ button every time to view all running processes and that’s not what we need. Here’s a way to make it show ‘All Users’ list by default when you open this shortcut that you’ll create yourself by the end of this article..

The concept is simple. We are just going to open the file (taskmgr.exe) as an administrator.

Let’s start by creating a shortcut. To create a shortcut, you’ll just have to right-click on an empty space (desktop or elsewhere), choose New >> Shortcut.

Along with an icon created, a window should pop-up asking you the location of the item to create a shortcut for.


Type in taskmgr.exe and click Next. You can now give it a name. Click Finish once you are done. You should now have an icon with the name you gave for it. The process isn’t over yet. You’ll have to make it run as an administrator.

Making a shortcut run as an Administrator

To make it run as an administrator, right-click the file and click Properties. In the Properties window, click ‘Advanced’.


It should now show you the ‘Advanced Properties’ window. Click the first check box that reads ‘Run as administrator’ and click OK. Click OK again to the Task Manager Properties window.

Double-click the icon you just created and it should now list processes that run under all users.


Kudos! Now let’s assign a hotkey.

Assigning a Hotkey

Open up the shortcut properties (Right-click >> Properties). Click the text-box against ‘Shortcut key’ label. Press a letter or use Ctrl+Shift combination.

Note: For the Hotkey to work, you should have it either in your desktop or in Start-menu.

That’s it! You’ve learned to create a shortcut to Task Manager (showing all users) and assign a Hotkey to it. :)