Sync between iPods without a Computer

Every time you transfer files between iPods, you’ll obviously have to use your PC/Laptop, transfer files from iPod to PC, and then from PC to the other iPod; a roundabout way, isn’t it? Desperately looking for a way to transfer tracks from one iPod to another? Wish there was a hardware to do this task? well..there actually is!

Named miShare, this tiny gadget that connects to the 30-pin dock connector (the usual data connectivity socket) of your iPod, transfers tracks/files from one iPod to another with no hassle! And what’s more, files get transferred at the speed of USB 2.0!

miShare - a tiny gadget to transfer music between iPods

miShare looks like the image above. A slider + a button and that’s it. It works with all Mini, Nano, 3G, 4G, Video (5G), and Classic (6G) iPod models and does NOT work with iPhone and iPod Touch. The team that designed miShare is working to enable support for iPhone and iPod Touch and this will be available later. miShare won’t work with iPod Shuffle as they do not have the 30-pin connector on which miShare works.

Connecting your iPods with miShare and transferring files is no big deal.

  1. Create an ‘on-the-go’ playlist on your source iPod. This is done by pressing the center button while the song title is highlighted. Add the tracks that you want to be transferred.
  2. Next, connect the left pin of miShare to your source iPod and slide the switch all the way to the right.
  3. When the left arrow glows green, connect your destination iPod (to which the files have to be transferred) to the right pin.
  4. Press the only button (center) in miShare to start the transfer
  5. Selected tracks will now be transferred. miShare blinks green when the transfer is in progress.
  6. Once done, remove the smart gadget from both the iPods (you don’t have to choose ‘safely remove’ ;-) )

The destination iPod should have a playlist named “miShare Playlist” that contains all the tracks that have been transferred. And also, be ready to shell out 99 bucks before this gadget can sync your tracks. And yes, that’s in $ (USD). ;)

Do check out the official miShare site for more about miShare.