TATA DOCOMO’s Unlimited EDGE, with limits?

Tata Docomo - GPRS Unlimited Plans with LimitsTATA DOCOMO, a network that’s well known for its per-second pulse, rolled out its ‘Unlimited’ GPRS/EDGE packs a week back. Notice I’ve stressed the word ‘Unlimited’. The service was limited to only Prepaid users. The packs were

  • Rs. 15 top up – Unlimited for 3 days
  • Rs. 95 top up – Unlimited for 30 days

The plans look similar to the ones that Aircel have. Aircel has been offering the same for Rs. 14 and Rs.98 for 3 & 30 days respectively.

This was the message that was posted on TATA DOCOMO’s Official Twitter channel, @tatadocomo,

ok guys finally!!!! Unlimited GPRS is here :) Rs. 95 for 30 days and Rs. 15 for 3 days. No limits … come do the new!
7:02 PM Sep 18th from TweetDeckSource

UPDATE: The ‘source’  link redirects to a 404 page as Tata DOCOMO removed the twitter status message.

And now, their so-called ‘Unlimited’ plans have a limit of

  • 20MB Data Transfer for the 3 day plan
  • 100MB Data Transfer for the 30 day plan

The name ‘Unlimited Pack’ has been renamed to ‘GPRS Pack’. There has been no official intimation to the customers, except the official website that has put up the revised tariffs. TRAI(Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) says that a network shouldn’t roll back its tariff plan for a minimum period of 6 months, but sadly, this is a VAS. People who have shifted from other networks just for the sake of this internet have no other solution but to use this Internet with limits, or shift back to the old network. Is this what you call ‘Marketing Strategy’?