Track your Shipments on Android

Track Shipments on AndroidAre you a seller on eBay or Amazon? Or are you receiving multiple shipments over the coming weeks? In either cases, tracking multiple shipments is seriously a pain with different tracking numbers and logistics providers – opening up the website of a logistics provider and keying in the tracking numbers to check their status. I recently happened to receive multiple shipments in a week via different logistics providers and from different regions. One via Flipkart’s very own e-kart logistics, the second via Delhivery Express, third via First Flight and the fourth via Singapore Post. And that’s when I wanted an application to track them all in one go!

Searching in the Google Play Store, I stumbled upon many applications that does this task. What I expected is an app that could automatically check the status of a shipment periodically, offer notifications and most importantly, support International and most Indian logistics providers.

TrackPack by Tribotech is a one-stop tracking application that could satisfy all your tracking needs. While the developer says that the application supports over 150 logistics providers (as of writing this article), I was pretty much impressed to find Flipkart’s very own e-kart logistics, Yebhi‘s logistics, and most Indian carriers in the list.

TrackPack Shipment DetailTrackPack Shipment ListTrackPack lets you define the frequency to check all your shipments automatically. Every time your shipment has an update, you get a notification on your device, which feels like you have an eye on your shipment always. You also get to see the day count of each shipment, which can be tweaked in the settings to avoid weekends.

The application also shows the route map when available, which didn’t work for my shipments though. If you prefer to send a shipment’s update to your friend or family, you could share its status as a text message or via WhatsApp by pressing and holding a shipment entry in the list.

TrackPack works on your Android tablets too, making use of the large working area to list you more shipments. The application is continuously supported by the developer by weekly updates adding new careers to the list.