Ubuntu Installation for Newbies

Linux Tux

For newbies who are interested in trying out Linux, here’s a simple tutorial to install Ubuntu Linux without having to create a new partition/following those lengthy & tough procedures (though they are short and simple). Please note that this is available on Ubuntu 8.10 or later.


You can get a free copy of Ubuntu Linux from Ubuntu’s Site. You can either download the iso or request a CD from them. Now proceed further

  1. Insert the CD/mount the ISO
  2. Your CD should autorun, if not, open umenu in the root folder of the CD
  3. A window should appear like this
  4. Ubuntu Installation Menu

  5. Go with the second option – “Install inside Windows
  6. Install inside Windows

  7. You will now be asked to choose your drive, allocate the space, choose a desktop version and to create an Ubuntu account
    • Choose the drive where you have enough space to install Ubuntu (more than 8-10GB free)
    • Choose the maximum space you will allow Ubuntu to use. 4GB is bare minimum and 8-10GB is better. If you are running short of Hard Disk space, go for 4GB/5GB.
    • Ubuntu will be your Desktop Environment
    • Choose your preferred language
    • Enter the username and password for your first user account in Ubuntu (both are mandatory)
    • Click Install

    Ubuntu Installation Wizard

  8. Ubuntu Installation files will now be copied to your PC.
  9. You will be asked to restart your PC. Remove the CD and restart. (Leaving the CD in will make it to boot)
  10. Your PC will now restart
  11. Choose “Ubuntu” in the booting options menu
  12. Your PC will now boot into Ubuntu. Extracted files will now be installed. Once the extracted files are installed, you will be able to login to your Ubuntu session using the username and password you provided.

Ubuntu installation is now over. You can start using Ubuntu.

Booting into Windows OS

You can switch back to your Windows anytime. When your PC starts, you will be allowed to choose the operating system you would like to use. Select your Windows OS to proceed with Windows.

Booting Time Tweak

Basically, the booting time is set to 30 seconds. This could be time consuming. You can always change the time to a lower value. To do this,

  1. Open “msconfig” by typing it in the RUN command in Start menu
  2. Click the “Boot” tab
  3. Lower the timeout seconds (3 seconds is the bare minimum)
  4. Click OK and restart your PC

You have now learned to install Ubuntu inside Windows and tweaked your booting time.