Video Advertisement on a Paper Magazine?

Video Advertisement in a Paper Magazine
An innovation in advertisement! You must have seen singing greeting cards, but here’s a magazine that plays a video (along with audio) right inside a paper! Check this video out

It was published inside a printed page in the American magazine ‘Entertainment Weekly’. This technology works on a cardboard inserted in a page. The cardboard holds a mini-screen and the video gets started when a small chip is activated (when the page is turned), similar to singing greeting cards. The video in the issue contained an advertisement for Pepsi Max, a Trailer and CBS.

The mini-screen embedded in the card uses LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and is 2.7mm thick and has a resolution of 320×240, similar to the displays of mobile phones. It can store 40 minutes of video. Built-in speakers make the advertisement audible. It works on Rechargeable Battery that lasts up to 70 minutes and the battery can further be recharged via mini-USB. Copies of this video-enabled magazine is available in New York and Los Angeles.

This tiny innovation is developed by a Los Angeles firm AmeriChip.