What is RockBox and Why?

RockBox is a Free and OpenSource jukebox Firmware for Portable Players from SanDisk, Apple, Olympus, Cowon, Toshiba, Archos and iRiver. The tutorials given here are for SanDisk Sansa MP3 Players. They are personally tried by me and tested safe. Just make sure you follow the tutorials properly for a safe installation of RockBox firmware.

Why RockBox?

RockBox can totally change your phone’s interface. What you see on a basic Sansa Firmware is a blue colored screen with rotatable menus, but, in RockBox, you get cool themes and awesomely looking players that look like professional players like Winamp.

Basic Sansa Layout:
Sansa Screen

RockBox Firmwared Themes:
RockBoxed Sansa RockBoxed Sansa RockBoxed Sansa

You can even download more themes from RockBox’s Official Theme Page.

What’s more? You can change Fonts (Arial, Helvetica, Terminus, Profont, etc), equalizer, pitch, bass, treble, play games, run applications, watch demos (screen savers) and a lots more. See RockBox vs Sansa..