WolframAlpha can help you solve Boolean Algebra

Logic Gates, Truth Table, Boolean Algebra – If you’re a student doing Engineering, Computer Science or Mathematics, you’re sure to have known about these, and the terms used in it – viz. AND, OR, NOT, NOR, etc. Well..WolframAlpha knows it too. If you’re looking to solve a Boolean Algebra problem, you can take the help of WolframAlpha. Try throwing a problem to it.

I gave a simple problem that involves the use of 3 variables – A,B and C, and the problem was to find the result for this expression: (A & B) | ~C, which is (A AND B) OR (NOT C)]. It was interpreted as

And here’s the truth table for the given problem.

WolframAlpha - Truth Table Generation

WolframAlpha differentiates ‘True’ and ‘False’ with a pale pink background – something that should be appreciated.

The next smart move is the logic circuit. It creates an AND gate for A & B and a NOT gate for C and joins them altogether with an OR gate, just as mentioned in the problem. Plus, there’s a Venn Diagram generated for the same.

WolframAlpha - Logic Gate DesignWolframAlpha - Venn Diagram

It doesn’t end here. You get to find Minimal Forms, Truth Density a couple of other results. This was a simple problem though, but WolframAlpha is ready to help you with complex ones too, including your college assignments. ;)