World’s Fastest 128GB Flash Drive

If you are used to those Flash Drives that boast 16MB Read and 10MB Write speeds, here’s one from Corsair that boasts 32MB Read and 28MB Write speeds. It is named Corsair Voyager GT 128 and is the incredibly fast USB Flash Drive in the 128GB series. This Voyager GT128 is priced at $400 (NewEgg) and $375 ( Have a look at it.
Corsair Voyager GT 128 - Fastest Flash Drive
It was only few months back, when Kingston released it’s whopping 256GB Flash Drive, priced at a ridiculous £565 GBP, which comes to roughly $900 USD with relatively low speeds, this Voyager GT 128 is a good value for money for its price and speeds, but lacks Security Features like Privacy Protection and Privacy Zone which Kingston’s 256GB has.

Corsair claims that this USB is 75% smaller than a typical portable Hard Disk Drive and boasts that it has no cable hassles! Corsair also claims that,

The Voyager GT 128 has no moving parts, making it virtually shockproof.
Portable USB hard drives are much more susceptible to damage when dropped
The rubber housing and sealed construction provide water resistance so minor accidents don’t turn into major disasters!


Read : 32MB
Write : Up to 28MB
No moving Parts – shockproof
Rubber housing and Water Resistant


Priced at $400 USD.