Basic Security for your PC

Security KeyboardSystem Security matters much, as Viruses, Spywares, Trojans, Backdoor Clients keep growing day by day. System Security Softwares are of different types. Those which remove virus/trojans/backdoors are called Anti-Virus, those which remove spywares are called Anti-Spyware and those which block unauthorized access to internet or block an application that perform a suspicious activity are called Firewalls. For new users, Viruses/Spywares/Trojans/Backdoor Clients are simple applications similar to your softwares, but, perform tasks that shouldn’t be done i.e making your PC slow, logging your activites, sending it to a third-party, using system resources to its core, etc. The best way to keep your PC protected is by having an application that could remove them. Listed below are those applications that remove these malicious programs from your PC.

All the applications listed here are FREE for personal use.


ZoneAlarm, from ZoneLabs, is a well known Firewall. ZoneAlarm helps protect your PC by acting as a Firewall/protection for your PC. Every single application that attempts to access the internet, or, performs a suspicious activity, or, adds itself to start-up or injects a code into another application, ZoneAlarm prompts you allowing you to decide if the application should perform the task. Every single action that is performed on your PC will pass through ZoneAlarm. If you do have a good knowledge in processes, you can give ZoneAlarm a try. Download ZoneAlarm Free Edition here.

Update: If you are looking for an alternative to ZoneAlarm, Comodo Firewall should be the best choice.


Anti-Virus is a well known term. For new users, Anti-Virus is an application that removes Viruses/Trojans/Backdoor Clients. Anti-Viruses of this century can remove Spywares as well, so, there’s no need to have a special application to remove spywares. Avira AntiVir is a free Anti-Virus application from Avira GmbH. With a simple interface, Avira AntiVir proves itself the best Anti-Virus to treat all types of malicious softwares. Download Avira AntiVir here


Similar to Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware is an application to remove Spywares. This can be optional, but mandatory for those who are often affected by Spywares. SpyBot – Search & Destroy is the best when it comes to treating spywares. Download it from Safer Networking.

Finally, you need to keep these softwares updated. Perform an update daily (or) atleast weekly.