Lock your Google Search to SafeSearch with a Password

Google, to give you more safe browsing experience, is now up with an enhanced version of Google SafeSearch. SafeSearch is a part of Google Search that filters out search and image results that are not suitable for the public. It isn’t 100% accurate, though, as no tool is always accurate.

Google, now allows you to have your search locked to SafeSearch with password-protection, and this is linked to your Google Account. A good idea though. :yes: To do this, all you have to do is login with your Google Account, visit the search preference page (google.com/preferences) and click ‘Lock SafeSearch’. You’ll be asked to authenticate yourself again.

Google SafeSearch Locking Page

SafeSearch Lock will now be implemented across all Google Domains (.com and all ccTLDs – .in, .sg, .lk, .co.uk, etc), meaning, your search will be safe across all Google sites. It’s simply a set of cookies that Google stores on your PC from different domains.

Google SafeSearch Locked Search Result

When SafeSearch Lock is enabled, you’ll be able to notice Google’s big colored balls, for which, Google says:

Even from across the room, the colored balls give parents and teachers a clear visual cue that SafeSearch is still locked. And if you don’t see them, it’s quick and easy to verify and re-lock SafeSearch.

SafeSearch Lock can be unlocked from the preferences page. And also, it will remain ON even if you sign out.

As this is cookie-based, if you have multiple browsers, you’ll have to enable SafeSearch Lock on each browsers and if cookies are cleared, SafeSearch Lock & preferences will be removed! :no: