[How-To] Turn Google Buzz Off!

Google Buzz, that found its debut in social networking a week back, has been buzzing people with notifications when a person comments on a buzz of yours (or even when your tweets are fetched). Now if you just don’t want to get your inbox flooded with buzz notifications, here’s an how-to for the same.

How to disable Buzz notifications?

To avoid/disable Buzz notifications, you will just create a filter for label:buzz. To do that, open up Settings in your GMail. On the Filters tab, create a new filter and type in label:buzz in the ‘has the words’ field. You can test search to make sure your buzz notifications are pulled. Continue to the next step.

Disable Buzz notifications - skip to inbox - label as Buzzed

Check (click) ‘Skip the inbox’ so your notifications will be archived and could be accessed from All Mail. Optionally, if you want to label it, you can create a label for it by checking ‘Apply the label’ and creating a new label for the same (say ‘Buzzed’ – your wish). Once done, click ‘Create filter’. From now all your notifications will go straight to your All Mail folder.

Buzzed label for easy access If you created a label for your filter, you can click the label to see your notifications.

If you would rather prefer to turn it off, click ‘Turn off Buzz’ in the footer.