How-To: Check Usage Stats on Android

Want to keep track of your call minutes, SMS and Data usage? Androids (up to v2.2 Froyo) do not natively have the feature of reporting your total call and data usage. And you may end up paying extra. But here’s Call Meter that does the logging job for you.

Call Meter NG is a free, simple yet flexible application that generates reports from time spent on Calls, SMS and Data. The application supports setting up multiple plan modes. The application’s main screen lists you the time spent on calls – incoming and outgoing, SMS and Data for the current billing period and the previous one.

CallMeter NG Main Screen

You’ll be able to set your billing period individually for Calls, SMS and Data, including the limits on Call minutes/SMS/Data based on your tariff plan. All the counters will be automatically reset based on your billing period – in my case, it resets itself on the 15th of every month.

The settings page of Call Meter NG allows you to tweak the billing period, free minutes/SMS/Data usage for Calls, Text Messages and Data. For calls, you’ll be able to choose your mode of billing (60/60 seconds or pay per second), or to bill incoming calls as well. You will also be able exclude numbers from billing, both for calls and SMS. Moreover, you can have multiple plans set up.

Call Meter - Settings - PlansCall Meter - SettingsCall Meter - Settings - Calls Call Meter - SMS SettingsCall Meter - Data SettingsCall Meter - Exclusions

Call Meter NG - Scan the QR code to downloadWhile Call Meter does have flexible reporting and plan feature, it lacks logging WLAN data and notifying you when you cross your call/SMS/data limit.That being said, Call Meter proves to be the best bet and is perfect over other usage logging apps.

To download Call Meter NG, search for “Call Meter NG” by Felix Bechstein on the Android Market (or) scan the QR code to the right with your Android phone

Yet another free alternative would be Stats Free app. Stats Free - Scan the QR code to downloadWhile the reporting interface of Stats Free is friendlier than Call Meter NG, you’ll not be able to set your tariff rates to generate an estimated bill, or exclude certain numbers from billing. Instead, you get other benefits – logging your WLAN data and notification options.

To download, look for “Stats Free” by Sebastian Schuler on the Android Market (or) scan the QR code.