[How-To] Run Android on your Windows Phone

Planning to buy an Android phone? Have a Windows phone in hand? Your Windows Mobile is actually capable of running Android. Thanks to the Open-Source Developers of XDAndroid, Androidmnia and Wing Linux, multi-booting Android on a Windows Phone is now possible!

Run Android on your Windows Mobile device

To have Android running on your Windows device, all you need is a microSD card (not microSDHC), a card less than 2GB in size. Secondly, you’ll need a port that’s made specifically for your phone. With the files copied to your device, you can be one of those proud owners of the OpenSource Mobile Operating System.

HowToGeek has an article written here that explains the step-by-step procedure. HTC Touch (Pro, Diamond, HD, Pro2, Diamond2) users can use XDAndroid’s port, while Samsung Omnia users can use Andromnia’s port and other HTC phone users can use Wing Linux’s port. XPERIA X1 users can refer to this article for development updates on Android ROM.