Google disappoints its Nexus One owners

Hearing a lot of good news lately regarding Ice-Cream Sandwich being made available across multiple Android-based devices, there’s a bit of a bad news that awaits a particular group – the Nexus One owners, while Nexus S users sure have a good news – pretty obvious.

Google has confirmed that it will update the Nexus S to Android 4.0 ICS while simultaneously dumping its two-year old Nexus One. The upgrade for Nexus S will be made available in the coming weeks, shortly after the release of Galaxy Nexus, whose release has been delayed.

Sadly, the owners of Google Nexus One, a device released during January 2010 manufactured by HTC, are pretty disappointed with the news. While the device’s support was already closed November last year, Google used it as an upper hand to state that the device is simply ‘too old’ to get the ICS upgrade – “the hardware was too old to run the new ICS Operating System.”

There’s not much of a disappointment – unofficial ICS is available! Nexus One ICS AOSP port is being developed and available for download. Read more about it here.