Unofficial ICS for Nexus One [AOSP]

There’s was a bit of a disappointment from Google, but the people at XDA have started Ice-Cream Sandwich (ICS) AOSP development for the HTC Google Nexus One, taking the device to the next level.

As of writing this article, only the alpha version of ICS for Nexus One is available for download. While you may give it a shot to test-drive how ICS feels, this release is not stable for regular use as there might be some glitches and some features do not work at all.

As of writing, the features that work are Wi-Fi, MMS, Bluetooth, Touchscreen. Features that do not work are 3G, Audio, Home key, Trackball, Camera and GPS.

Here are few screenshots with ICS in action.

nexus-one-ics-4-0-1-android-aosp nexus-one-ics-4-0-1-android-aosp-usage

Visit the ICS AOSP Development thread on XDA to read more about the development, contribute or download.