Working with Google Fonts on your Computer

Google has a great collection of web-fonts that can be used by webmasters on their websites, ranging from scribbled fonts to professional fonts. Google lets you download the source fonts (TTF) from their code repository, but here are a rather couple of simple steps to get started with Google Fonts in less than 5 minutes.

Google disappoints its Nexus One owners

Hearing a lot of good news lately regarding Ice-Cream Sandwich being made available across multiple Android-based devices, there’s a bit of a bad news that awaits a particular group – the Nexus One owners, while Nexus S users sure have …

[How-To] Turn Google Buzz Off!

Google Buzz, that found its debut in social networking a week back, has been buzzing people with notifications when a person comments on a buzz of yours (or even when your tweets are fetched). Now if you just don’t want to get your inbox flooded with buzz notifications, here’s an how-to for the same.

Google Dictionary with Multiple Languages

After Google Wave, Chrome OS and Public DNS service, Google is now up with its own Dictionary. Available at, this dictionary service can be a perfect and a worthy alternative to the old guys –, and Answers.

New Google Search UI

Google has been continuously revamping its Search Engine and is now up with a new, totally different UI. Be informed that the new UI is not available for the public until the end of holidays this year, in other words, …

Are you a Google Multitasker?

UPDATE: This site is no longer available due to copyright issues. For all Google G33Ks out there, here’s a site that helps multi-task Google. Aptly named GoogleGoogleGoogleGoogle, this site loads 4 instances of ‘Google Search homepage’ in 4 different iframes …