Tweet from Google Wave

Google Wave - Tweety the TwitbotThough Google Wave is primarily a tool for Communication & Collaboration, extensions can add fun to it. Basically, you get “Yes/No/May be” and “Maps”, you can add more through the  ‘Extensions Gallery’ wave.

Tweety the Twitbot is here to help us directly tweet from Google Wave (not the usual yellow canary in Warner Bros animated series ;-) ) Before you proceed, you’ll have to add Tweety to your contacts so that you can open a wave session with it to send your tweets.

To add Tweety, click the ‘+’ button in the contacts box (bottom right) and key in the email – and click ‘Submit’.

Google Wave - Add a Wave Contact - Tweety the Twitbot

Once added, you’ll be able to ‘wave’ with Tweety. Click ‘Tweety the Twitbot’ in your contacts and choose ‘New Wave

Google Wave - Tweety - New Wave

You’ll now have to authenticate yourself and allow Tweety to have access to your Twitter account via OAuth. Once you have authorized access to Tweety, a new wave session will open up between You and Tweety. The wave session will look like the one below

Google Wave Session - Wave Session with Tweety the Twitbot Click for a larger view

You can now update your status from inside this wave session anytime. When you trash this wave session, you’ll have to authenticate again. You can manage multiple Twitter accounts by creating a new wave for each accounts. You can also add participants to this wave session and any participant can tweet on your behalf ;)