Quitter – Twitter Client for the DOS Geeks

Geek? Nerd? Love DOS? Addicted to Twitter? Here’s Quitter – a free, OpenSource, quiet, light-weight and portable Twitter client.

Quitter is a tiny Twitter client that runs in a command window (DOS) and doesn’t let the world know you are Tweeting. It’s a single small EXE file of a mere 140KB in size along with an XML file that takes hardly a KB.

When you use Quitter for the first time, you will be asked to authenticate your account via OAuth. Once you accept and grant permission, you’ll be presented with a PIN. Type the PIN in your Quitter and you are all set to start tweeting.

Your authenticated session information is stored in quittersettings.xml with your OAuth token information so you will not be asked to authenticate every time. Configuration information (highlighting color, URL Shortener, groups, etc) is also stored into it, so if you are carrying Quitter with you in your flash drive, be sure to copy quittersettings.xml too.

Here are few commands,

[ENTER] + [ENTER] = Read all tweets
[ENTER] + [M] = Read mentions

[P] = Post Tweet
[R] = @Reply
[T] = Retweet

[D] + [R] = Read DMs (Direct Messages)
[D] + [S] = Send a DM

Here are few screenshots of it. Click to have a larger view.


Quitter - Home

Posting a Tweet

Quitter - Post Tweet


Quitter - Mentions

Post Reply

Quitter - Post Reply

Help Menu

Quitter - Help Menu


The application works on Windows 2000 / XP / Vista and Windows 7.