Pixie – Lightweight Portable Color Picker

Whether you are working with Photoshop, or altering your AdSense colors, or the HEX color codes in your CSS or simply playing with colors, you’ll always need a color picker that helps you find RGB / CYMK / HTML Hex color codes

pixie Pixie is a lightweight, portable standalone EXE application of a mere 10KB in size. Simply run it, and point your cursor to a color and Pixie will show you its HEX code, HTML color code, RGB, CMYK and HSV color codes.

Pixie is more friendlier, that it helps you copy the color codes or show it in a mixer. Simply press CTRL+ALT+C to copy the HTML color code, pressing CTRL+ALT+X will show you the color mixer for the pointed color, and CTRL+ALT+Z will magnify your pointer region. So if you are dealing with colors on small texts/pixels, magnify will help you.

Download (Windows 2000+): Standalone EXE | ZIP | Author’s website