RockBox Installation

Before proceeding with RockBox installation, make sure you have all the following.


  • Sansa
  • USB Cord


Sansa Downloads:

Disclaimer: You are agreeing to it that you are trying this on your own risk. You are also agreeing that I’m not responsible if you end up with a bricked player. Though the process is safe, it is up to you to be conscious while flashing.


  1. Sansa and USB
  2. Copying Firmware Files to Sansa
  3. Uploading Fonts onto Sansa
  4. Installing Bootloader
  5. Final Steps

Sansa and USB

If your Sansa’s USB Modes are “Rhapsody” and “Plays for sure“, you are holding a Rhapsody edition (e250R). Do NOT follow this tutorial if your Sansa is Rhapsody Edition.
If your Sansa’s backpanel reads e250R and you have basic USB modes like “MSC” and “MTP“, you can very well proceed. Your player is e250 and NOT e250R!

Before you can install RockBox on your Sansa, please make sure you have sufficient space for RockBox. RockBox Complete installation occupies about 25 MB, so make sure you have at least 50MB of free space in your Sansa. You should also change your USB Mode to MSC. When you plug-in your Sansa in MSC mode, it should be detected as a Removable Storage and a new drive should come up in My Computer. Have a look at the screenshot below


Open your Sansa Drive and copy the firmware files onto it

Copying Firmware Files

You can download RockBox firmware here. Choose your player from the list and download it in *.ZIP (WinZip format).

Sansa Root

After you have downloaded it, extract it and copy the “.rockbox” folder to your Sansa’s root. You can find it in the screenshots below.

RockBox WinZip

You will now be able to find a folder named .rockbox in your Sansa’s root.
RockBox Folder

You have successfully uploaded the firmware files onto your Sansa. Congrats! Now proceed to uploading fonts.

Uploading Fonts

Font is one of the awesome features of Sansa. You can download fonts directly here.

Extract the ZIP files and copy the “.rockbox” folder to your Sansa’s root, just as you did while copying firmware files. You will now be able to find a folder named “fonts” inside “.rockbox” directory. You have now installed fonts on your Sansa. Proceed to Bootloader Installation, the final and a very important step.
Fonts Folder

Installing Bootloader

The Bootloader makes the Sansa to boot into RockBox. Download the bootloader script here. The bootloader script you downloaded now is a command-line program. Open it as an Administrator. You will be presented with a DOS screen as given below. Press i and press Enter to install RockBox Bootloader. RockBox bootloader will be installed in seconds.

RockBox Bootloader

Final Steps

After RockBox is installed on your Sansa, just make sure you have followed all these steps. Close your Sansa Drive Window and safely remove the USB Connection.

Turn on and experience a new Sansa! Your Sansa will automatically boot into RockBox Firmware.

A word on Booting & the original firmware

Your Sansa can multi-boot. To boot into the original Sansa Firmware, turn on your Sansa and press & hold Left button. Your Sansa will now boot into it original Firmware.