RockBox Installation

Before proceeding with RockBox installation, make sure you have all the following. Hardware: Sansa USB Cord Software: WinZip – Download Sansa Downloads: Firmware – Download Fonts – Direct Download Bootloader – Direct Download

What is RockBox and Why?

RockBox is a Free and OpenSource jukebox Firmware for Portable Players from SanDisk, Apple, Olympus, Cowon, Toshiba, Archos and iRiver. The tutorials given here are for SanDisk Sansa MP3 Players. They are personally tried by me and tested safe. Just …

Sync between iPods without a Computer

Here is a tiny gadget that connects to the 30-pin dock connector (the usual data connectivity socket) of your iPod, transfers tracks/files from one iPod to another with no hassle! Works with all Mini, Nano, 3G, 4G, Video (5G), and Classic (6G) iPod models.

A Tablet PC for just $299

Always Innovating’s new Notebook PC is the world’s first 3D Touch Screen Netbook with a detachable keyboard. The notebook is available in two variants – Tablet (no keyboard) and with keyboard priced at $299 and $399 USD. It has an …

Samsung S9110 TouchScreen Watchphone

Samsung has launched the new S9110 watchphone that resembles a wrist watch and has almost all advanced features of a mobile phone. The S9110 works on GSM Technology and features 1.76inch 262K color TFT TouchScreen display of 176×220 pixels with …