Google Dictionary with Multiple Languages

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After Google Wave, Chrome OS and Public DNS service, Google is now up with its own Dictionary. Available at, this dictionary service can be a perfect and a worthy alternative to the old guys –, and Answers.

Google Dictionary

UPDATE: Google Dictionary has been closed! The page shows a 404 Error.

Google Dictionary offers meanings in more than two dozen languages. You’ll be presented with a drop-down box to choose the language you want meanings in, and a textbox where you can key-in the word to find meanings for.

Google Dictionary Screenshot

You can use the English dictionary (English >> English Dictionary) to find meanings in English or choose language from the drop-down box (includes many Indian languages).

The page is also more simpler than the other Dictionary guys, and takes no time to load. You have Google’s very own ‘star’ where you can ‘star’ a word to check it again later, and a loudspeaker to listen to its pronunciation, followed by a list of meanings. With all these features packed, the service is free as usual.