Are you a Google Multitasker?

UPDATE: This site is no longer available due to copyright issues.

For all Google G33Ks out there, here’s a site that helps multi-task Google. Aptly named GoogleGoogleGoogleGoogle, this site loads 4 instances of ‘Google Search homepage’ in 4 different iframes with which you can do up to four searches at the same time. Here’s a screenshot of it.


The page doesn’t look that user-friendly though, as you’ll have to move the scroll bars left to right, top to bottom, to scroll through the results, but you are free close an instance of it, so you’ll get some space.

As GoogleGoogleGoogleGoogle is iframe-based, you cant open sites that restrict the use of iframes – Twitter, Facebook, and sites that break iframes. What I would suggest is to simply use this site for searches, and open the sites (in results) in a new window – middle click, in fact every geek knows it! ;)

Point your browser to and start multi-tasking. :)