Playing XviD on Windows Media Player

Movie Strip - XviD MovieI’ve seen many having the same query on how to play XviD movies on Windows Media Player (WMP). In order to play a content on ANY media player, you’ll need to have it’s (content’s) codec. In simple, a codec is similar to your normal software and helps your player to read the movie/audio from a compressed video/audio file by decoding it. Wikipedia describes this as “A codec is a device or computer program capable of encoding and/or decoding a digital data stream or signal”.

What is XviD?

XviD is a cross-platform video codec that follows MPEG-4 standards and is a free software and is distributed under GNU General Public License (GNU GPL). XviD is a DivX competitor and you should also be noticing that the reverse of DivX is XviD. Unlike DivX, XviD is Open-Source, meaning you can develop/modify its core. As I said before, XviD is cross-platform meaning it can be used on all platforms or Operating Systems. Hoping you have learned enough of XviD, let’s go straight to codec installation.

XviD Codec

XviD codec installation is as simple as playing a movie. You can download it either from the official website or head over here.

Once you have downloaded the codec, execute and follow the on-screen instuctions to install it. Once you are done, try playing an XviD movie on WMP. If it works, you’ve successfully installed XviD codec :) Comment below if you have queries.