Free Mail Alerts as Text Message (SMS)

SMS Alerts

Yes, you read it right! Get Email alerts on your mobile as an text message (SMS) irrespective of the service/email provider! You’ll just have to make sure your email provider supports Mail Forwarding. This could be found somewhere inside your Mail Options/Settings. If you are a Yahoo! user, you’ll be able to find it in your Mail Options –> Forwarding and for GMail, this will be located in your Mail Settings –> POP and Forwarding Tab. This works for Google Apps users as well. And this works on Way2SMS platform.

Ready to get alerts? Here’s the procedure.

Creating a Way2SMS Account

  1. Visit Way2SMS and choose Register.
  2. Enter your personal details and your mobile number (the password will be sent to your mobile).
  3. Enter the password that was sent to your mobile to confirm your mobile.
  4. You have now confirmed your number. Now proceed further.

Setting up Alerts

  1. After logging into your Way2SMS account, click the Mail tab
  2. Create a Way2SMS email. (eg: and click Submit
  3. Now, click Mail Alerts (on the top right corner) and choose ‘Activate
  4. Enter your timing preferences

Way2SMS setup is now over. Now, get in to your GMail/Yahoo! or your own email service. (GMail/Google Apps is used here)

Forwarding Emails

  1. Login to your GMail/Google Apps Email
  2. Click Settings on the top right corner
  3. Click “Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  4. Click the second radio button that reads “Forward a copy of the mail to” and enter your Way2SMS email address (eg:
  5. Choose “Keep GMail’s copy in the Inbox” so that the email remains in your GMail Inbox rather than being archived.
  6. Click Save Settings

You are all set to receive Text Alerts on your mobile. Why not test if it works by sending a message to yourself? ;)

Follow the same procedure for Yahoo!/your email service. If you are not sure, comment here.

PS : This works only in India. This works on Way2SMS Email Service.