Shorten URLs, the longer way!

After TinyURL, and, Microsoft is up with it’s very own URL Shortening service, naming it ‘’ (inspired from It isn’t available for the public now, but is used internally and is common among Microsoft employees, and will soon be public.


But what really puzzles is why do we still need another URL Shortener? We have a bunch of URL Shortening Service now – TinyURL,,,,,,,,,, and counting. is the most preferred URL Shortener, widely used in Twitter and holds about 80% of the market share. May be, Microsoft thought of catching the URL Shortening market too. Or was it to compete with Google’s We don’t know.

Secondly, is way too long, longer than its It takes about 9 characters. Similar to, Binged uses 6-character alphanumeric code after the backslash, and a complete shortened URL would total to 16 characters. That takes about 1/10 of your Tweet if you’re using it with Twitter. :(