5 Essential Add-ons/Extensions for your FireFox

FireFox logoHere’s my list of 5 essential Extensions for FireFox for better security, protection, easy & clean browsing.


The name says it all! KeyScrambler – Scrambles your keystrokes. With email, banking and online transactions taking place often nowadays, passwords and Credit/Debit Cards have become the most vulnerable ones. A simple Key-logger (an application that logs your keystrokes) can log all your Credit/Debit Card numbers and passwords. Obviously, passwords or Card numbers have to typed in one way or the other (even if you save them in your Google Toolbar). And here comes KeyScrambler to protect all your sensitive keystrokes by scrambling them. Be it a username or a password, or a search term, or a card number or even a website, you will be able to find the scrambled letters in KeyScrambler’s floating bar. So start protecting your keystrokes with KeyScramber

Download KeyScrambler : Official Site



NoScript is yet another protection tool that blocks Javascripts and allows only from trusted sources. NoScript also blocks ActiveX, Flash and Shockwave elements on page with a solid red block with a play button in it. The Flash/Shockwave element can be viewed/played by clicking the play button. You can also teach NoScript not to block scripts from trustworthy sites by adding it to its whitelist or by clicking on the icon in the status-bar. NoScript blocks scripts from trusted sources like Google Analytics, so you need to add them to the whitelist manually.

Download NoScript : FireFox NoScript add-on Page


FlashBlock – as the name says, this extension blocks Flash elements on page. FlashBlock replaces Flash elements with a play button, similar to NoScript. FlashBlock, also allows you to add sites to its whitelist. This is a handy tool for broadband users with limited usage.

Download FlashBlock : FireFox Flashblock Add-on Page


This extension is for those who dislike advertisements on websites. As the caption says, “Ads were Yesterday”, AdBlock blocks invariably all advertisements from majority of advertisement providers (Google AdSense, Clicksor, etc.). All you have to do is, download the add-on and subscribe to a list and AdBlock manages the rest! You can also add sites to its whitelist and block images as well.

Download AdBlock : FireFox AdBlock Add-on Page


An extension from a well known account sharing site. By-pass user registration using BugMeNot! Download the extension, enable it, right-click on the site that requires login credentials, click “Login with BugMeNot” and that’s it! This extension fetches the login credentials in BugMeNot’s list and logs you in automatically!

Download BugMeNot Add-on : FireFox BugMeNot Add-on Page

Wish you a safe & clean browsing :)