BuzzLogic promises $2 CPM

Buzzlogic Logo Housing Advertisement, Random low-paying to high-paying ads – no fixed CPM guarantee, Untargeted ads, Ads of un-reputed brands are the advertisements that most CPM networks display. BuzzLogic’s Blog Ad network guarantees a minimum $1.5 CPM (Cost per 1000 Impressions). The advertisements that BuzzLogic display are those from reputed brands like Microsoft, VeriSign, etc.

To become a part of BuzzLogic, you’ll need to satisfy the following simple conditions:

  1. Your blog should be hosted on professional blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, etc.
  2. You need to have good quantity of posts and the frequency of posting is also considered

Registration and getting accepted is simple unlike professional Ad networks. If you do have good content, there’s no doubt in getting accepted even if your blog is new. Once you are accepted, you can access your code snippets and analyze your blog’s daily ad impressions. You can run BuzzLogic ads alongside Google AdSense.

BuzzLogic ads work only for US impressions and collapses itself for international traffic. You get better CPM rates if you place the ads above the fold. Visit for more.