Creating and Sharing files with Torrents

uTorrent Logo - Create TorrentWhy rely on 3rd-party File Sharing sites when you can create yourself a torrent and share it in real-time? Torrents are the easy and the best way to share your files. All you need to have is a Tracker!

Few Torrent Terms

Tracker : A Torrent Tracker is a server that helps in the communication between the peers of the torrent.

Peer : Downloader. The one who downloads the package (files in the torrent). Once the package is fully downloader, he/she turns in to a seeder (uploader).

Seed : A user who has the fully downloaded package (files in the torrent) and shares it with fellow peers.

Create a Torrent

1. Open your Torrent Client – uTorrent, BitComet, Azureus (uTorrent is used here)

2. From the File menu, click Create New Torrent (or) click the Magic Wand icon (or CTRL+N)

3. In the Select Source combo box, choose the file/directory.

4. Torrent Tracker is an important field and many find it hard. You’ll just have to use any/all of the following popular public trackers. A single tracker would do, but you can add more and its up to you.

3. Key in your comments. This is optional.

4. Finally, click Create and save as.

You can now save your torrent in its *.torrent format. Once you are done, you can use the .torrent file to share your files with your friends.