Make your Android phone look like iPhone

If you’re an iPhone fan owning an Android and you want your Android phone to look like an iPhone with the home-screen and icons typically as that of iOS, or you would want to trick your friend that you’re using an iPhone, here’s a tiny app that does the job for you.

Called Fake iPhone 4S, this full-screen app displays the replica of iPhone 4’s home screen. Since it is a full-screen app, it hides your notification bar so it’s not easy to identify that its Android. You can pull it though, to see your notifications. The app has about two screens with default iOS icons. These icons when clicked open up the relevant Android app. When you click the Messaging icon, it opens up your default Messaging app.

iOS Clone for Android iOS Clone for Android

To make it look more real, the app shows your Operator’s name instead of the standard AT&T – Aircel, in my case, including your Android time. And this is not an alternative to your regular launcher/home-screen app. Download it from the Market link and start tricking your friends.